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The Windward Islands

The Grenadines are amazing. They are so warm, particularly the air, and so good for snorkelling but soooo expensive. We enjoyed them and it was nice, I would stay forever but we have to go to see my cousin Kiki in Saint Lucia (which is incredible). The friends I met were so nice and they were really friendly. I’ll miss them but it was amazing seeing them. A part I loved was Chatham Bay when we met "De Dutch" - our really good friends Emma and Macsen and went to lots of bars to have drinks. It is a very windy anchorage with gusts of over 30 knots in the bay! We had a two day sleepover when one night we were on our boat and the next on their boat we all loved it but they left after the 2nd day sailing to the British Virgin Islands 390 miles away. I loved Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines. In Carriacou I went to Sandy Island with my friend Theo, on Loustic their catamaran. It was so nice inside. Nina came too. The beach was very pretty, we played on it, and swam, and followed a stingray and it was just incredible.

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