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A Tour of Samoa!

Yesterday we went for a daytrip around Samoa. First we went to go see some giant clams on the south-west end of Samoa. At first we saw only medium sized ones but after looking around we saw huge clams the size of boulders. I dove down to see them and found one the size of ME!! Imagine, a clam 1.65 meters long. After 15 minutes of admiring the huge clams we left. Tai our taxi driver took us to some waterfalls that you can jump from. Firstly we went to put our stuff in a Fale a traditional open house that every household in Samoa has. Next we went to the waterfalls, they were amazing, I jumped off the rock to get onto the waterfall and then I jumped from the side of the waterfall into the water. It was higher than it looked so I got a small adrenalin rush. Once I swam to the side my dad jumped in and made a huge splash. After 20 or so minutes we went to the trench. It’s a hole where the land collapsed and has made a big sinkhole. When we got there it was beautiful. They were just big sinkholes but had a lot of greenery around them. There was a big ladder that led down to the water. After we swam I decided to jump off the ladder and it was fantastic. I swam back to the pontoon and did it again. After about 1 hour we left thinking about what a good time we had.

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