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My first dive!

Today was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did my first dive in Carricau, Tyrell Bay. I loved it because I could see so many things. Like trumpet fish, pufferfish, lobsters and my dad saw a moray eel, but I missed it. We went to a small inlet with the power boat and tied up to a buoy they owned. The instructor I had was called Sylvain and loves children, he is also funny. The company is so good and is called Lumbadive. The others I dived with were called Christine who took pictures, and Richard who drove the boat, and my dad. Diving is so good, you’ve got to try it. I felt so nervous at first but you get the hang of it after you get in the water. They take you through a training course that last’s five minutes but its good. At the end of the class the instructor paints your nail with the diving flag.


Getting ready in the morning

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