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Oh The Places You'll Go!

“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day!''

I really enjoy this Dr Seuss book! It is so optimistic and encouraging. This book comes to my mind often - when we make important decisions in life or when we just go exploring places we visit :).

Yesterday we went trekking in the rainforest mountains on the way to the lovely waterfalls called St Margaret's in Grenada. Waterfalls are at the bottom of the mountain, right in the middle of Grenada, surrounded by big vallyes and in the middle of the rainforest.

After passing some farm land filled with nutmeg and banana trees we started a descent through the forrest with massive bamboo trees everywhere towards the waterfalls.

There was some rain (of course!) so clay like soil and stones were really slippery. But we all had a stick each for support - they came really handy when we arrived by the waterfalls and to get there we needed to cross a fast flowing stream.

Waterfalls are truly amazing - they reminded me of the Greenock cut area and also of the glens in the Kelburn Estate near Largs. With one difference - you can swim in them!!!

It felt strange swimming in a fresh water - you certainly have to work harder when swimming. Too scared to jump off the waterfalls we instead went to 'climb' the trees, zip-wiring and bungee jumping nearby. |Caspar as always was a natural, while Nina did really well - she overcame the fear she felt and had a great time. WE LOVED IT!


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