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What about Home-schooling?

Home-schooling on Antares has taken slightly different format in the last month or so. Granny and Granddad and Uncle James arrived in Barbados for Christmas and New Year and with them we did a lot of exploring in Barbados and Bequia. And it was super!

We explored the gulleys in Barbados. We would call them a GLEN in Scotland. These were the only places in Barbados that would not be converted into plantations to grow sugar cane and they resemble islands forests as they used to be. Lots of impressive trees are found there, like massive bamboos, many types of palm trees, nutmeg and coco plants. And monkeys too!

In Bequia, we were surrounded by the turtles in the Admiralty bay anchorage and 'attacked' by the school of needlefish. Caspar and Nina finally played some tennis and met some local children. We played beach cricket and windsurfed and mastered the paddleboard! We even did some painting - of an island called Mustique in a distance. It was amazing to see the old wooden boats - made specially to catch whales - an old tradition on this island. We truly had a great time in Bequia with our family.

Getting back to maths and English is not so easy now... And we added Slovak grammar to our daily routine! However, both Caspar and Nina have started coming up with suggestions what we should cover in maths, which is excellent and should make the learning experience to be more enjoyable for all of us. I hope...


Paddle boarding!!!!

An art class with Grandad


Needlefish attack

Caspar windsurfing for the first time

Grandad in action! beach cricket

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