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Swimming with Rays

Early one morning I woke up to the sound of my mother waking me up. We where going to see rays! We were excited but very tired. Once we got our swimming gear ready we set off for the stingrays. We weren’t quite sure where the stingrays congregated, so we looked and looked and looked and looked and looked but we couldn’t find them, until we asked the captain of a tourist boat. After a while we got there and jumped in. There where loads of stingray and shark, we swam around them and it was amazing. At the end a lady gave me a pice of raw fish and I feed the stingrays. A lot of them jumped on me and kissed me on the shoulder, it tickled.

On the way back my mum and dad jumped in to see some old underwater tiki’s but me and my sister were too cold to go in. It took us a while to get back on the boat because our dinghy has a small engine. Overall we had a great time and it’s definetly worthwhile.

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