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There's a shark in the water!

I'm very proud of Caspar, Nina and Maria who have taken to swimming with sharks like water off a duck's back. Last week it was screams of horror when we saw a fin cruising around the boat. What a difference a week makes! Now there's screams of delight and then diving in at the first sight of a black tip. Fakarava south pass is one of the best dive sites in the world, with a wall of grey, black and white tipped shark, hundreds of them gather to snack deeper down. Caspar and I went for a deep dive and were surrounded by them, and also large wrasse, and loads of reef fish and coral. The girls meanwhile snorkelled the pass a few times. Unfortunately we have no video of the dive, but Maria got some videos from a snorkel of the pass. Here are a few video's from the last snorkel we did together:

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