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British Virgin Islands by Caspar

3/5/2018 Today I'm going to review some of the islands we visited to in the BVI's. We stayed here with my grandad who visited from UK. Peter island My favourite island, Peter island was nice because the bay had no wind and no waves (probably the only place in the world where there's 0knts of wind). We met lots of old friends like- SY Sofia, SY Oukiva, SY Lilly. Jost Van Dyke JVD was nice, but a wrecked island after the hurricanes. Foxy's bar is very famous with sailors and it was good with wifi, food and drinks - I recommend it. We met there the early learners community - it is a group of children who are trying to help others kids who can't pay for school books and school themselves by selling cakes. We bought a few and they were yummy! Virgin Gorda We stayed in Leverick bay in the Gorda sound - it was a marina and it had many services running unlike other places, which was good. There was a pool which was nice and warm and running water and a shop! We met our friends from yacht Sophia and Oukiva - and said bye bye to them after a few days as they left sailing to Bermuda. We also visited giant boulders area called The Bathes - it was awesome! Tortola Is the main island and it has a lovely anchorage called Cane Garden Bay. There were many pelicans to watch diving for fish and mummy and daddy sailed with dolphins there too! The bottom of the sea was murky and there was not much fish to see at the reef. Cooper Island The small hotel on the Cooper island is great - it has a dive shop, wifi and nice freshly baked bread. I borrowed BCD and went diving with daddy. It was awesome with lots of fish and coral. Nina and mummy swam with turtles! Caspar 

I took Alexis and Thalia for a sail at Peter Island.

 At Jost Van Dyke Island

The Baths

Caves at the Baths

Pool in Virgin sound 

Grandad and daddy 

Getting my diving kit at the Cooper Island 

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