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Cruiser's life - today's rescue mission!

As we anchored in Marigot bay, St Martin this morning and watched turtles swimming  around the boat, Simon suddenly spotted something swimming/floating in the water near us.

Amazingly, it was a brown dog swimming away from the shore and quickly being dragged to the open sea by the strong wind. Caspar and Simon jumped into the dinghy and went to rescue it, while Nina and me made an announcement on VHF to see if anybody was missing a dog. 

We did hear previously that sometimes dogs do go for a quick swim if they live on a boat...but this one was just being swept away by the strong sea! 

There was no reply, but once Caspar and Simon got the dog into the dinghy they went around the anchorage and luckily found the owner - who was now looking for his dog too and they were reunited!

Just a short happy story for today 🙂


P.S there is a short video on the Facebook:) 

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