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Cruiser's life

Well, most of you are used to seeing lovely photos I normally put on this blog or Facebook - generally we are sailing somewhere nice and warm with the sun shining, blue skies, a fresh breeze in Antares' sails, wind in our hair and sun kissed faces!


Life of a cruiser is also about those less glamorous moments. 

Our yacht needs to be looked after and if we were still living in our lovey house in Greenock, Scotland I would always have the right name and number to call if there was a problem with the house. But living in a yacht requires a lot of self sufficiency and here is a photo to prove it:)

We noticed our bilge pump stopped working the other day. Bilge pump is a vital piece of equipment on the boat. It pumps the water out of the bilges (space under the floorboards) and stops the boat from sinking... 

Another exciting job Simon and me learned to fix include changing a toilet outlet hose( yes poo everywhere...)! Space is tight and I wished I was into gymnastics when younger so I would be able to squeeze my head and arms under the sink in order to fix the hose into the right place. Well, I did manage but bruises and scratches as evidence should get me a qualification in marine plumbing I reckon! Sorry no picture!

Next blog will be filled with the lovely photos, I promise!


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