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The windiest anchorage in the West Indies?

We arranged to meet our great friends from SY Dutch at the Chatham Bay in Union Island (St Vincent and the Grenadines) for a few days before we would all head in different directions.

Chatham bay is a huge bay, protected by high hills on all sides. It looked stunning as we approached from the south. There is no proper road to the bay, which means there are only a few places to drink and eat and the only tourists there are people arriving on the boats. We counted maximum of 15 boats during our three days there.

Did we finally find magnificent anchorage without the masses of boats and tourists? Yes, we did! The sand was pale white, turtles swimming around the boats, the views from the top of the hill superb. It is very unspoilt and I really loved it.

But it was not quiet. The wind was coming down the hills to the sea in the gusts of over 30 knots most of the time ( every 30 seconds or so), but the anchor hold well and we did not drag. That was pretty much happening all the time while we were there. When we left for Tobago Cays, which is exposed to the Atlantic winds, we found them much more quiet, as the wind there was constant 20-25 knots.

Chatham bay, NO 1 anchorage for wind and being unspoiled!

Chatham Bay

See the gusts on the water!


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