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A short passage North to St Lucia

We were all looking forward to our passage North to St Lucia despite knowing that the wind was going to be gusting over 30 knots and pretty much on our nose and the swell between the islands was going to be Magnificent ( eg scary:)). Yes, we were going to meet up with my sister Tanya, Kiki and Robert! Who cares about the sea state!!!!!

It was still dark when we left at 4.30am and straight outside the Admirality bay, Bequia we felt the strength of the wind coming down the St Vincent channel. We could not see the swell much as it was still dark and no moon was out, but it felt big. Luckily, the worst of wind and the swell was only uncomfortable for about an hour as soon we were in the lee of the St Vincent island itself. The sun was out, the sky was clear and we had a good motor sail up the west coast of the island. We knew the wind and the swell would hit us with full force once we started crossing towards St Lucia and were not disappointed! The swell was absolutely huge with the wind gusting over 30 knots, but we were in the good hands of our Antares. It all calmed down to a 'comfortable' Force 5 after about 2 hours. With the help of the current our top speed was 8.9 knots, magnetic course 15 degrees and wind from NE. With nobody being sick on board, you can tell we are old sea dogs now.

As it is a tradition for Antares now, when we arrived in the marina in Marigot BAy in St Lucia, the wind has picked up again and reversing our 14 ton boat to its berth was a challenge. Captain Simon got an applause from us and the audience on the pontoons for doing a great job! We love to entertain the masses:))


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