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Cruisers priorities!

We are in the anchorage in Grenada called Clarkscourt bay. It has all the important facilities a cruiser needs:

1. Rum shop/bar

2. Rum distillery nearby

3. French-Canadian deli that sells sausages, french bread, wine and ice


Ok, these 'facilities' make our life easier. But what really has made our stay here perfect are our friends and fellow cruisers from Australia - Tracy, Dave, Hayley and Megan from RAFTKIN. We first met in Lanzarotte, Canary Islands, both crossed the Atlantic and after nearly 3 months we have met here again. Children have had play dates every day, sailing, swimming, playing ipads too! It will be so sad to sail away.

We all have been delaying leaving here as we know we are not going to meet for a long time. While we are heading North towards St Lucia and ultimately towards the America (next season), RAFTKIN are heading west towards Panama and Pacific Ocean.

We will miss you dear friends. Fair Winds!

Simon, Maria, Caspar and Nina



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