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TransAtlantic Fun

13 days and 10 hours - that was a speedy and enjoyable crossing in our Moody 44!

Factors that made this possible?

We started at the right time in the right place - Simon chose a good weather window, where the wind forecast for was 15 knots for the first week, a nice trade wind! Cape Verde Islands are 2000nm from Barbados, so that is a relatively short crossing with only 2-3 weeks long passage and the winds blow generally from North to East, which is a perfect direction when sailing West!l We set off due South for the first few days, which was a good tactic for a good steady wind. We also had a good sail plan - a few different sails set ups for different winds and different wind directions, which always helped the boat to sail at the best speed we could achieve.

And what made it all enjoyable? Here is what the crew has to say.

Maria's highlights:

Making Scottish pancakes with Nutella, apples and honey for breakfast nearly every day was a good start to our day! Night sky with all its stars. 'Competition' for the fastest boat speed during our night watches. I think Dinko got to 10 knots once when the boat was surfing on a big wave!

Simon's highlights:

Pancakes for breakfast! Listening to the SSB radio traffic (especially the flying fish accidents...) and time to relax

Nina's highlights:

I liked watching dolphins, they do amazing jumps and watching movies. And playing UNO with Dinko!


Sitting on the deck looking at the sea and fishing - we caught Mahi-Mahis and once a huge barracuda!

full moon

And before we knew it we saw the shores of Barbados!


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