hello there my name is Caspar whitehead and I am going on a trip across the Atlantic with my family. click here to find out more.


July 11, 2019

May 9, 2019

April 1, 2019

March 30, 2019

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December 24, 2017

Today its finally Christmas eve and I can't wait for tomorrow... CHRISTMAS WOOOOOOHOOOOOO. I really hope its going to be fun. My sister is really excited too. I  went shopping for Christmas presents with my uncle and sister, we bought everything that we thought my mum,...

December 23, 2017

Hello today I'm uploading a new blog 'cause were in Barbados. Its so fun and warm but can rain occasionally. We have been swimming, playing and going crazy. I've met friends from Mindelo (were we started the crossing) like Oulikiva and Sofia who are our friends. Here a...

November 2, 2017

I honestly cant believe what I'm seeing! This is our friend's boat Agape (the ones you saw in the last post) and I'm happy that they're here going to Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Our other friends Bojangles are about 3 miles behind. We overtook them overnight. 


November 1, 2017

These are pictures of friends and us at the pool in Rubicon. It's also our last day before we leave Lanzarote, so I'm going to miss them.  Hopefully we will see them in Santa Cruz. de Tenerife It was fun for the adults (I think) .

October 21, 2017

The pictures that you see are pictures of the birthday party that Nina had with my friends and her friends and it was really good. We had 2 huge cakes and lots and lot of sweets.

October 17, 2017

This is me and my friends at Papaguyo beach in Lanzarote and it was lots of fun and it would be amazing if you all came

October 11, 2017

This me making pottery in an activity area in a small village it was actually quite fun.  

October 10, 2017

 I have got another friend that I met in Papaguyo.  His name is Teo, he is from Belgium but speaks French and has got two sisters called Violet and Juliet. The boat name is Loustic and its a catamaran. The whole boat is nice and I hope I see him again. We also went swi...

October 1, 2017

Here we are preparing for the marathon in Kosice. Ready to have fun!

September 25, 2017

 The reason we came to Kosice was because our Babka (granny) was very ill. We wanted to spend time with her but sadly she passed away on the 25 of September. She had a lovely funeral and was a very very kind woman. 

September 22, 2017

This is a picture of me and Palo a friend of mine when I came to Slovakia. We email a lot when I have wifi and he is really funny.

August 27, 2017

These are a few pics of Slovak friends in Porto. We had lots of fun with them and it was actually an unexpected meeting! They were on Holiday and it was our last day before we took the plane to Slovakia. 

August 20, 2017

 When we were in Galicia we got permission to visit the beautiful national park islands. One we anchored at is called Isla Cies. The beach was fantastic but the water was quite cold. For some reason I was quite grumpy that day and Daddy got annoyed with me. 

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